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Dive Under The Sea With The Burdekin Singers And Theatre Company

A magical story of finding true love, Hans Christian Andersen’s classic animated film, Disney’s The Little Mermaid, has been transformed into a beautiful musical the Burdekin can enjoy under the talents of The Burdekin Singers and Theatre Company and community members this February.

The tale begins in a magical deep-sea kingdom where a young mermaid, Ariel, dreams of leaving her ocean home to live in the world above. With the help of her comedic companions, Flounder, Scuttle, and of course Sebastian, her journey becomes a heartwarming quest to find true love as a mermaid in a world full of humans.

With this lovable production live in the Burdekin Theatre from next week, the Burdekin Singers and Theatre Company along with volunteers, community support, and sponsors, have been working tirelessly to polish off what is set to be one of their best shows yet with audiences set to be blown away.

The Theatre Company’s production team is comprised of wonderful members of the Burdekin community who have generously given their time, knowledge, and skills to contribute to the overall success of this musical. Although The Little Mermaid has been produced by The Burdekin Singers and Theatre Company, President Lawrence Polga, advises this production stands as a whole community event, and we’re extremely lucky to live amongst such generosity.

“There are a lot of different people that have contributed in various ways, poured their knowledge, and hard work forward to help the Burdekin Singers in bringing this production alive,” expressed Lawrence.

With the beautiful sets and props carefully coming together under the watchful eye of Burdekin artists, Monica Licciardello has been directing a lively band of musicians comprised of young and experienced members from the Burdekin and surrounding communities. The opportunities presented to young musicians to be part of a live theatre production is something to be celebrated, and audiences will have the chance to experience their hard work and talents at the Burdekin Theatre next week.

The choreography team for The Little Mermaid production also includes the company’s young, rising stars with guidance from experienced members to create captivating performances in each scene. The production’s director, Pat Nuttall oversees each aspect of the show in each stage to ultimately produce a magical experience for audiences to enjoy.

The Burdekin Singers and Theatre Company’s junior productions have encouraged many young members to dive further into the world of theatre. In comparison to previous years, the audience can expect to see many more junior performers on the Burdekin Theatre’s stage in The Little Mermaid, which additionally stands as something to be celebrated across the community.

After the conclusion of the Burdekin Singers and Theatre Company’s 2023 largely sold our season of Shrek, chatter had begun into what the talented organization should take on next. After viewing which productions are available, the company took into consideration the musicals best suited to the Burdekin community as well as how they will adapt the production to reflect the magical talents of each person involved in the organisation. The Burdekin Singers and Theatre Company’s President, Lawrence Polga, assured this production will bring the mystical aura of the deep blue ocean to life in a new and unique way for audiences to enjoy.

“Bringing the dream alive in a different way was something we saw as an advantage with The Little Mermaid in the way of making the whole experience of feeling under the sea, as well as putting it across to the audience as a story book event,” explained Lawrence.

The magical approach the Burdekin Singers and Theatre Company have taken to the direction of The Little Mermaid will prove to be celebrated from their opening night on Friday, February 2. This production would not have been possible if not for the Burdekin community’s support, and the Burdekin Singers and Theatre Company wishes to express their immense thanks and gratitude and invites you all to sit back and enjoy this wonderful, under the sea experience next week.

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